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Early Interceptive Orthodontics

When a child prematurely loses a baby tooth, our pediatric dentist uses space maintainers to promote normal development. Space maintainers provide space for permanent teeth to erupt properly in the future. These brackets or spacers are usually made of stainless steel pre-adjusted for each child.

We also use habit appliances to help children who will not stop sucking their thumbs, fingers or pacifiers. If your child has these habits past a normal age, we may be able to help. In some cases your child may be grinding his or her teeth during sleep (known as bruxism), in which case a habit appliance or mouth guard may be appropriate to protect their teeth from further damage.

In addition to early interceptive orthodontics, we can help your child’s smile with cosmetic dentistry, including white fillings (dental fillings), color-matched white crowns and dental sealants. We also remove tooth decay and we can advise parents about appropriate vaccines for children to further protect their health.

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